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2000 Double Hung Window:

- World-Class Robotic Assembly. Consistent fabrication quality from window to window. Fusion-welded sashes and frame are built squarely. Narrow manufacturing tolerances produce a tight window that best prevents air and water infiltration.

- Dura-Sill™ Engineered Sloped Sill. Tight mortise-cut, double-wall sill dam extends inside the jamb, eliminating the need to caulk an open seam.

- Soft-Seal™ Straddle Gasket. Closed-cell neoprene, cushiongasket under the sash straddles the exclusive sill rail under compression when locked. One of several tight barriers and diversions built into Dura-Sill™.

- Dual-Fin, Wool-Pile Weatherstripping. Protects around the perimeter of all sashes to fight air infiltration.

- Metal Reinforcement (optional). Ensures maximum structural performance.

- Certa-Force™ Balance System. AAMA® Class 2 device provides smooth and easy operation. 1/2” stainless steel never needs lubrication or adjustment

- Intercept®. Standard warmedge spacer and sealant system is fully automated for condensation resistance and seal integrity.

- Super Spacer®. Optional metalfree spacer system available for Health Smart Windows®. See your representative for details.

- Integral Ergonomic Lift Rails. Buyer beware of any window with snap-in lift rails that frequently snap-out. Features comfortable ergonomic design. Strong, extruded

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